Most popular nail shapes and impressions

Most popular nail shapes and impressions

Nails have an ideal length that looks most beautiful. Know the shape and length of your nails to maintain a beautiful nail shape.
Matching nail shape to nail art is also recommended. Here is an easy-to-understand five popular nail shapes and their impressions.

Impression and strength of nail shapes

■ Round

Shaped straight sides and slightly roundish tips. This natural shape is easy to handle and gives a gentle impression that suits everyone, regardless of nail length. If you have small or flat nails, this shape will give you a graceful and elegant look. 

■ Oval 

Shaped corners curve inward. This shape is a little less strong, but it is a recent popular shape that looks elegant and gives the nails a longer appearance. Recommended for people with large nails or masculine fingers to create a feminine image. It also makes the fingers look longer.

■ Stiletto

Shaped long and spiky, with the point curving to the base like a triangle. More susceptible to breakage and have less strength, but they give a feminine impression. This shape is more popular for nails with sculptures and gel nails.

■ Square

Shaped straight edges and squared off at the tip. A great choice for narrow nail beds as they give the impression of extra width, making nails appear wider than they are. This shape also breaks less easily than other nail shapes and is easy maintenance.

■ Ballerina (Coffin)

Shaped square basic form and slight shape on each side of the tip of the nail, which allows nails to remain strong. If you have weak nails that break or chip easily, why not try ballerina-shaped nails.

The next nail blog will show you how to make each shape!!
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