I'm May, the founder of MEISH.
MEISH is an Australian gel nail polish brand. This name combines the words ME and -ISH which carries the message that individuality is unique and special, just as we all have different tastes in colour, Shape and design when we enjoy nail art.

Lockdown prevented me from going to a nail salon. I wanted to find an easy and affordable way to recreate gel manicures at home. After years of using acetone, my nails were poorly damaged. And I was tired of spending lots of time and money at the salon.
So, I decided to create easy, inexpensive at-home gel polish products that allow everyone to do their nails when and where they want at an affordable price. I researched worldwide and carefully selected Vegan, 11-Toxic Free, and Cruelty-Free products.

My biggest hope is that MEISH products can enhance your uniqueness and for you to become the most beautiful you can be.