Why preparation is essential for Gel nails?

Why preparation is essential for Gel nails?

When Gel Polish does not adhere well, most cases are caused by a lack of preparation. Preparing your nails well is very important for making gel nails last longer.

What is preparation?

Preparation is the process of removing the thin white excess cuticles attached to the base and surface of the nails.

Why it is essential to treat the cuticles?

If the base coat or colour gel is applied while the excess cuticle is stretched, gel nails are more likely to peel off due to gel application on top of the excess cuticles.
And it becomes impossible to use colour neatly along the nail's baseline when applying colour, so it is essential to treat the cuticle.


What do you need for preparation?

 ■ Warm water and bowl

■ Cuticle pusher

■ Alcohol wipes


How to prep nails for Gel Polish step by step 

Step1: Shape your nails
Use a 180G-240G file and lengthen and shape your nails.
Move the file in one direction. Back-and-forth motion will strain on the nail, and the shaved section then might cause weakening of your nails.

Step2: Soak your hand
Soak your hands in a bowl of warm water and wait 5-10min. 

Step3: Push up excess cuticles
Use a cuticle pusher to push the excess cuticle onto the nail's surface.
(Pushing too hard will damage your nails) Try to push up excess cuticles
and gently towards the root. Use a cuticle trimmer if necessary.

Step4: Wipe off 
Use an alcohol wipe to push up and remove any excess cuticles.
Move alcohol wipe gently to scrub the nail surface.

Preparation will make your gel nail last longer and easier to apply.

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