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Soak Off Base Coat

Soak Off Base Coat

MEISH Soak-Off base coat helps the gel bind with your natural nail, and will ensure your gel nails last as long as possible.

11 Toxin-Free Ingredients make it healthy and Smell-less. No harsh ingredients or adhesives lead to damaged nails.

※MEISH Soak-Off base coat requires soak-off with Acetone.

*Note: MUST BE cured with UV/LED lamp.

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Isobornyl Acrylate, 2-hydroxyethyl Acrylate, Trimethyioipropane Triacrylate, Diphenyl 2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl) Phosphine Oxide, Hydroxycyclohexyl Phenyl Ketone, Cellulose Acetate Butyrate.

Liquid volume

10 ml


How to apply:

Step 1. Trim and buff nails surface then clean and dry nails completely. (Important to help for long lasting)

Step 2. Apply a thin layer of soak-off base coat. Cure with UV/LED for 60sec. (It is normal for a base coat to keep sticky after curing.)

Step 3. Apply a thin layer of colour gel polish. Cure with UV/LED for 60sec. Repeat this step to apply the next layer. (Normally 2-3 thin layers are better)

Step 4. Apply a thin layer of top coat. Cure with UV/LED for 90sec.

How to remove:

Step 1. File the surface of your gel manicure.

Step 2. Soak a cotton ball with acetone over the nail.

Step 3. Wrap the cotton ball with aluminium foil around your finger. Ensure it’s air-tight. Wait 15 minutes.

Step 4. Use the cuticle stick to scrape off the gel. Remove the cotton ball, and the gel polish will have a shattered effect.

Step 5. Use the nail file to file away any remaining bits of gel.

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